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Brave Day by Day

I resonate with Gideon’s story in Judges 6. He belonged to the weakest clan in Israel, and God wanted to send him out to defeat the Midianites. Gideon thought he was the wrong person for the job, and I guess, according to the world’s eyes, he was. He wasn’t big enough, strong enough, prosperous enough, any of the “enoughs” that we think are important in defeating our enemies. And he was hiding too! Definitely doesn’t rate as brave and courageous in my book. But, God used Gideon anyway. God used him though Gideon tested Him more than once, and God used him through the amount  of men Gideon had to fight the battle. (Hint, it wasn’t that many.) By the time Gideon and his men were done, it was very evident God’s hand was in their defeat of the Midianites.

So, how is it we read these stories in Scripture and think that we can’t measure up to what God wants us to do? Gideon didn’t, and God still used him. But we think, of course, God used Gideon. He’s mentioned in the Bible. We don’t think though that God would want us because of whatever reason. Think about it this way. Do you think God got tired of Gideon testing Him? God could have said, ‘Come on, Gideon, get with the program. It’s time to defeat the Midianites.’ He didn’t say any of those things though. No, God was patient with Gideon like He is with us. He wants to build us up each day so we will have greater courage and bravery than the day before. He wants to work through us and not around us.

That is the lesson I have had the hardest time learning. There are times when bravery comes to me easily, and I think I can do anything for God or in His Name, and then there are times when…I am not brave at all. I tend to give up completely during those times. It might have been a dream God had given me or a nudge to speak to someone about Him and His love. But, when I don’t do these things because of fear or the minutiae in my life, I tend to beat myself up over and over thinking I am a failure to God.

But, I’m not, and we’re not. What God is doing in our lives is happening over a lifetime, and we will never arrive at perfection during our lifetime. That comes later, when we are with Him. So, I don’t need to be intimidated by the person or persons who seem to have it all together at church. I don’t need to be intimidated by the Christian speaker or writer who appears to have nothing wrong with him. I am the person who God made me to be, and nothing changes that! As the author says in the devotional, “You are deeply loved and called to be courageous by a God who is perfect and perfectly trustworthy.” (100 Days to Brave, Annie F. Downs) Our God is also making us brave day by day. May we all realize this truth today!

Praying God’s blessings on you all today!