Quit Complaining and Start Doing

There were several titles I could have chosen for this post, and I might end up changing this one before I’m done writing. Two of the others that resonated with me were More Love, Fewer Words and What Christians Stand For. I was inspired by what a friend wrote on Facebook yesterday. There were more words than what are in any of these titles, obviously, but the gist of what she said to fellow Christians is in these five words–quit complaining and start doing.

During this last election cycle, there was a lot of complaining on social media by both sides. A lot of words used on the Internet and in real life that have broken up friendships, families, churches, and ministries. How did it come to this? Are we that entrenched in thinking that we are right or that our thoughts are God’s thoughts that we can’t look at the other side? Are we that focused on looking for role models in the media that we don’t look at the people around us or even look where we’re supposed to look for instruction on how to live? Let me remind you. If you are a Christian, that would be God.

Yes, I think we have become entrenched in our thinking, but I think there’s another reason why we complain. Many of us are lazy in the practice of our faith. Now, I don’t mean everyone by any stretch of the imagination. I know many people who are doing wonderful work in their ministries including the person I mentioned at the beginning of this post. But, many of us are lazy. It’s easier to march and speak against abortion than it is to adopt a child. It’s easier to complain about the homeless than it is to do something about it. It’s easier to distance ourselves from those who are not exactly like us than it is to get down in the trenches and form relationships with them. It’s easier to give money than it is to do anything at all. I could go on and on with examples, but I think I’ve made my point.

In the interest of total honesty, I will admit I have a tendency to be lazy myself. It comes from my sin nature, and it comes out when my mind is not where it is supposed to be which is focused on God.

I don’t want to be lazy though. I want to be the one who spreads hope; I want to be the one who gets down in the trenches and forms relationships; I want to be the one who is the hands of Christ; I want to show the love of my Savior to the people around me. Show more of Jesus and less of me. I think that is the point of what my friend was saying and what I’m trying to say. It’s time for us Christians to be known for what we are for and not what we are against. Praying that prayer for all of us!

God’s blessings on all of you today!


3 thoughts on “Quit Complaining and Start Doing”

  1. Thank Alisa! Well said. I agree with you, and I myself often find it challenging, but in the end we need to translate our love for the Lord in tangible ways to the world around us. Jesus reminded us in the Gospel of John

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