Purpose in Pain (Beyond our Walls)

I figured out something yesterday. With the prayer journey that my church is embarking on, I will have no lack of subjects to write about for this blog if I choose to take on the challenge. So, what am I going to do? Take the challenge. 🙂 Thirty-eight straight days of writing beginning today. I’m eager to see where it takes me. It will almost be like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) except, at the end, I won’t have the first draft of a book, so to speak. It will be writing God’s story and my story and telling how they intersect so, without further adieu, here is today’s topic.

If anyone from my church is reading this, they might wonder how much more I have to say about this subject because, as the picture below shows, I wrote the devotion on today’s topic. But, I have more, much more to say.

If you examine the picture closely, you can tell I wrote it while my husband is unemployed. This has changed in the month since I turned it in, and I am so grateful.

The last two sentences I wrote though are why I am revisiting this topic. “I have been asking Him why we are going through this again and why my heart has been broken again.  To give our hurting world a voice at CrossBridge was the answer.”

My pain has a point and a purpose in God’s Kingdom. I wonder why we, as Christians, want to deny that. Writing the words above over a month ago brought more comfort than anything else during our trial. Trials take us out of our comfort zone; they take us out of being too comfortable. I think the hurt would have been greater if I had not believed there was a point to what we were going through.

We need to express the pain we are going through to our Christian brothers and sisters. If God has a point and a purpose to our pain, we, the church, need to become comfortable with others expressing their pain. In the church today though, I think being able to do this and being comfortable with others doing this has become a lost art. We don’t share our pain with our brothers and sisters. We maintain shields instead thinking that others are not comfortable with the expression of pain.

This is not what God wants. Not by a long shot. He wants us to get down in the trenches of ministry. He wants us to share our pain with others so people will know how He has changed our lives. He wants us to love the unlovable. He wants us to have true community with each other.

He also wants us to celebrate with each other. But, how can we celebrate if we haven’t taken off the veneer and shown our true selves to each other?

God’s blessings on all of you today!



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