Listening to God’s Voice

For the last few weeks, God has been giving me little tidbits during my prayer time that have grown into a flood which I need to voice. Sometimes it is hard for me to know what God wants for my life because the world’s voices are competing for attention in  my head when I pray. It doesn’t help when people who are Christians say things that are mere platitudes and are not willing to enter into the broken places with me.

How did this all start? In my family, we’ve been praying about an answer to a situation that’s going to require finances. We had, I thought, been praying for God’s answer. It was brought to mind recently though that we had been praying for the world’s answer and not God’s. We had been praying for resources from the world instead of from God. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The resources we thought we were going to have are not going to come to fruition. In fact, living for us is going to become more expensive because of health insurance issues which is another issue entirely.

But, back to listening for God’s voice. God has said I need to be on my knees to Him regarding this situation and only listen to what He has to tell me. He’s given me three specific things to pray for which I have started to do. It can be tricky though blocking out the world and only listening to God. People who are Christians can even say things to you that aren’t what God means for you to hear. So, what is the answer to getting past that block? I believe it is discernment. God can use other people to speak to you, but you need to talk to Him about what has been said and see if that’s what He means for you to hear. God’s voice is not always going to say things we like to hear, but He is always going to say it with love and not condemnation. That is Satan’s way, and that is the way he tries to discourage us.

If I wanted to boil it down to the very basics, to hear God’s voice, we need to be willing to pray and to stay in prayer for our families, for our communities, for our countries, and for our world. And we need to be willing to enter into the broken places and tell of God’s hope and healing. That is my goal, and if you are a person who claims Christ, I hope it is yours too.

God’s blessings on you today!


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