The Names of Jesus

During my devotion time on Mondays, I usually read any devotions I missed from the weekend as well as the one for Monday. One of the ones I read talked about what I’m going to talk about today–the names of Jesus.

While several names are listed in Scripture, there can be no argument about what they represent which is life changing power. Wow! Life changing power for just a name? Yes, it’s the truth.

Let me list some of the names and see if you might agree. Lord. Immanuel. The Living Word. The Prince of Peace. The God of Our Salvation. The Promised One. Jesus is the One who saves us from our sins; the One who heals us; the One who is everything regardless of how deep a pit we are in. That resonates with me because I have been in the pit so many times. Jesus is always with me though and always helps me to climb out no matter how badly I’ve messed up.

I would encourage you to look at each of these names and reflect on what they mean. Reflect on how each one is part of God’s promise that He will never let go of any of us, no matter how dark it may seem, and that we who believe will be with Him in eternity.

God’s blessings on you today!


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