Prayers that Outlive Our Lives

That was the title of my devotion this morning. I’ve never really thought of prayer in this way, and it was interesting to contemplate. The Scripture was from Revelation, and the commentary talked about how prayer was living and vital and a part of heaven’s energy and how God remembers every prayer that has ever been spoken. I like that. To me, it shows that God considers our prayers to be treasures and how He holds them in sacred trust. Like when we tell a friend a secret and how that friend honors their word not to tell the secret. Since we, as human beings, are fallible though, secrets and promises are not always kept.

But, God is not a human being. God has kept every single promise He has made to us and will continue to keep every single promise. So, the prayers I offer for my children and their children and their children are held by God in a sacred trust and will outlive the life I live on this Earth.

God’s blessings on you today!


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