The Best of Us

July has been a rough month for my family.  Within a week or two of the month starting, my husband was required to start commuting an increased distance to his job. And when you’re asked to start doing something for your job, you’d better be prepared to do it if you want to keep said job. We were talking about this the other day. When he was still commuting to his job locally, he was gone from our home eight and a half hours a day. He lived close enough to work where he could come home for lunch and have a semblance of a life with me and our children in the evenings. Now, he is gone from our home eleven hours a day. This includes a one hour commute each way as well as the actual  eight hours working and the one hour he takes for a lunch break. As you can imagine, when he gets home now, he is tired, and he is not able to spend much time with us, at least during the week, because of that fatigue.

Now, this is not going to be a ‘bash your husband’ post or a ‘bash your husband’s work’ post. I am so grateful he is making this sacrifice for us, and I know he feels guilty we are no longer getting the best of him.  No, this post is going to talk about something different.  When we, as Christians, think about our relationship with God, what is God actually getting from us in terms of said relationship?  I’m not talking about church or doing things at church although that is a part of the relationship. I’m talking about our prayers, the time that we talk to God, and our study of Scripture.  Does God receive the best of us when we are talking to Him?  Does God receive the best of us when we are studying Scripture? Is He our first thought when we get up each day?  Or, do we give Him the last parts of our day when we are tired and before we go to bed?

I’m not going to pretend perfection on this. There have been many times when I have not given my best to God – when my prayers, when my study have just been items to check off a list and go on to something else that I consider vitally important to get done.  But, that is not what God wants from us.  He wants the best of us.  He wants us to rely on Him for counsel, to depend on Him for comfort, and to completely and utterly trust in His goodness.  There are many Scriptures that talk about this. I think I will quote just one of my favorites.

From Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing, and perfect will.”

This is my goal, and I hope yours as well.

God’s blessings on you all today!


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