Without Saying a Word

There are times we can be an example for God without saying a word. These examples can be good or bad, and something we, as Christians, need to remember when we are out in public.  So, how can we be an example for God without saying a word? The biggest way to do so would be to have some sort of Christian symbol either on your person, like with a shirt or piece of jewelry or to have it on your car, like a bumper sticker. People tend to have expectations of how Christians should behave, and when they behave according to those expectations, the example for God is a good one.

What about when the symbols seen on a person and the behavior of that same person conflicts? I know there have been times when I’ve displayed behavior that has not been a good example while wearing my cross. That’s never a good thing for a non-Christian to see, and I regret every instance I’ve not been a good example.

In my earlier years, I didn’t understand that Christians weren’t supposed to be perfect. I thought that once saved, we would always behave the way God wanted us to behave.  That is not true, not by a long shot. I know now that we are all sinners saved by grace, and we will make mistakes. Now, it doesn’t mean Christians are allowed to behave however they want. Since we are saved by grace, I believe we need to pay even closer attention to how we are behaving in public, especially when we are wearing Christian symbols. And if we behave badly, we should ask for forgiveness.

Today, God, I ask that you help me be an example for you even when I don’t say a word.

God’s blessings on you all today.


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