Trusting God

There are many passages in Scripture about trusting God and probably just as many thoughts from prominent Christians about trusting God. And, if that wasn’t enough, there are people who ascribe to the “prosperity Gospel”, which says, in and of itself, that if we pray hard enough, God will give us “riches” to enjoy on this earth. Let’s get one thing out-of-the-way before I start. I do not believe in that kind of Gospel. You could say the opposite thing about people who are poor and say they are poor because they haven’t prayed hard enough.  That is not true and perverts what God says in Scripture!

But, my post today is not about money although it might seem like it. No, it’s about trusting God to provide. In modern-day society, especially American society, we are taught to save for the future using things like savings accounts, retirement, insurance, and any other product you can think of that relates to this. Now, I’m not saying anything bad about any of these things. They are all good things to have. I do think though they might interfere with us trusting in God’s provision. Let me explain. In the book of Exodus in the Bible, Moses and Aaron are with the Israelites out in the desert. The Israelites are all concerned they are going to die from hunger and thirst, and they start complaining to their leaders. Moses prays to God about it, and God tells him he will send manna (bread) and quail six days a week. He also gives instructions for them to gather only what they need of the manna for each day on five of those days and then gather double that amount on the sixth day to use for the seventh day.  Did the people listen to God’s instructions?  No,  some of them did not. They tried to save the manna for the next day, and it turned out to be unusable.

Also, on the seventh day, some of them tried to gather manna even though they had already gathered enough the previous day; ignoring God’s instructions that the seventh day was to be a day of rest.  It was just as hard for the Israelites to trust God as it is for some Christians today.

So, you might ask what I’m taking away from this story. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life that require trust in God’s provision. It’s been hard for me;  especially thinking of what might happen in the future.  Then I realized I was coming at this from the wrong angle. God wants me to trust He will provide for me and my family today and only today. He doesn’t want me to be concerned about the future. He just wants me to trust Him today. And, I figured out something else too.  If I trust Him today and leave any concerns I have at His feet, then I will have the energy to do what He wants me to do.

God’s blessings on you today!


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