Uncomfortable Conversations

There are times we have to have uncomfortable conversations. But, it is necessary if we are to be honest with each other. It is especially important to have them in the faith community. Yes, in the church. For those of you who have faith, I bet you have five or more topics that come to mind when you think of an uncomfortable conversation at church. Some of these topics might include: songs that are sung or not sung during worship; what the pastor chooses as a sermon topic; whether women should have a part in worship or not; or whether instruments are used or not.

In my opinion though, the topic that would rank highest as an uncomfortable conversation at church is money–how much money has been given, what the money is being used for, what influence the money giver might want to have. I’m sure you can think of many more.

But, those particular topics about money are not what I want to discuss today. It is important that people who are members of a faith community support the work of their church. No, what I want to discuss is something that might not be obvious to members of the Christian church, especially the Christian church in the United States.

When Christians think of supporting missions in foreign countries, especially Third World countries, they would make the correct assumption that their church had more money than the mission they were supporting. I also think  if this hypothetical church was helping ministries in their community, they would also make the correct assumption that, as a collective whole, they would have more money than the ministry they were helping. Where I think members of this hypothetical church would fall down on their assumptions though would be the income levels of the members within their churches. Even though Christians as a whole within the United States have higher incomes than the rest of the world, there are most certainly differences in income levels in an individual church.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, what’s the problem here? Everyone in a church needs to support the church as they are able. And yes, I would agree with you there. Where I believe this is a problem is in the number of extra things that a church does which cost money. This can occur in many different groups of the church such as the men, women, youth, or children. And these extra things might include youth retreats, fellowships, mission trips, or opportunities for the church to get together and socialize. In our society, things cost money, and I understand that.  But I think the people who organize these things need to keep something else in mind. They need to realize someone might not be able to do something because of the cost. What worth does going on a $300 retreat have on the Kingdom of Jesus Christ? Is it going to bring someone to faith? Maybe.  But how many more people could be brought to faith if Christians paid attention to these things and kept in mind what the church was asking people to spend their money on?

Another thing to also consider would be how this marginalizes people of lower income strata within a body of faith. There can only be so many times that people would see these opportunities offered and get discouraged in their faith because they were unable to go. I wonder what Jesus would think of that.

I’m not saying I have the answers to all these questions. I most definitely don’t! I do know if we don’t have these uncomfortable conversations within the church, the community of faith, the opportunities to share about Jesus’ saving love and grace will be greatly diminished.

God’s blessings to all of you today.


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